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Treatments for Female Same-sex Couples and Single Women

In Portugal is legal to use Assisted Reproductive Techniques to treat female same-sex couples and single women. Just as for heterossexual couples we, at Ava clinic, believe that the fundamental thing is for children to be raised in a healthy and loving environment. Being able to grow and develop all of their physical, psychological and emotional abilities does not depend on the type of relationship but obviously its quality.


In these specific cases infertility is due to the lack of a male partner. Naturally all treatments will then include a sperm donation. AVA Clinic has established protocols with some international sperm banks (which fulfill all the required health and safety + quality norms required by the Portuguese National Council of Assisted Reproduction (CNPMA)) offering a wide choice to every patient in need of a sperm donor.

Success rates for these treatments are usually quite high because in the  majority of cases the woman does not have an underlying fertility problem. So, by using a sperm donor, the chance of achieving a pregnancy is quite elevated.

In same-sex couples there is also the possibility of involving both women in the ART treatment through a process called Reciprocal IVF (ROPA). ♦