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Specialised treatments for more difficult cases

In some cases, you cannot get a pregnancy even after several treatments. One cannot determine the reasons for the non-success most of the times. In these cases it is necessary to evaluate the whole situation again and propose some alternatives:

  • O Assisted Hatching is the opening of a hole in the embryo outer membrane before transferring it to the uterus. This can then favour the hatching of the embryos membrane that occurs before its implantation on the uterine membrane.
  • Blastocyst Culture is another technique frequently performed in AVA Clinic. Blastocyst culture consists in a prolonged culture of embryos until they become a blastocyst (5 to 6 days after egg collection), allowing ttratamentos6hus the selection of the best embryos to transfer. Embryos developing in 5 or 6 days have better possibilities to implant on the uterus.
  • In Vitro Oocytes Maturation (IVM) may be performed in some circumstances to collect and preserve immature eggs without the need of medication. Eggs are then matured and fertilised in the laboratory, followed by the embryo transfer.