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Diagnose and treatment

Since fertility is a problem of the couple, it is essential that both elements are assessed in a first consultation. In this, probable causes for infertility are evaluated based on the clinical history, medical examination and ultrasound scan.

Infertility treatment might involve ovulation induction, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization (IVF), microinjection (ICSI), gametes donation (eggs, sperm or even embryos), Freezing of sperm, eggs, ovarian tissue and embryos, frozen embryo transfer and surgical procedures (namely through laparoscopy).

Most infertile couples (around 80%) achieve a pregnancy. One or two healthy children result after one or several treatments. Nevertheless, the important is to begin the treatments in time in order to anticipate restrictions that age causes due to eggs decrease and its quality loss through aging. The medical and psychological support is provided by a multidisciplinary team through the work and involvement of gynecologist Doctors specialized in Reproductive Medicine, biologists – embryologists, nurses, psychologist and assistants.