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Certification and Quality System

The quality of services and the dedication of the AVA Clinic to infertile couples is evident in the quality policy of our center and is regularly audited by external auditors. The AVA Clinic and his team is proud to be able to present their quality credentials. The AVA Clinic has established and applies in all areas of its intervention a total of Quality System according to ISO 9001: 2015 standards and is regularly audited by external official entities. This quality certification is not just about a specific area but focuses on all aspects of the AVA Clinic activity. Thus, they are subject to certification all medical records, laboratory procedures, the nursing process, ordering materials, environmental quality and the adequacy of facilities, security and training of staff. A key aspect of our goals is a commitment to continuous improvement of services to achieve the best results, which are translated by the degree of satisfaction of our customers. The quality system in AVA Clinc means for our cassia the commitment of the whole team in customize, optimize and satisfy the legitimate interests of infertile couples. The audits of our quality system show that our program is 100% focused on the interests of infertile couples and that the methodology is directed to obtain these objectives. Together with couples, the primary objective of AVA Clinic is getting a pregnancy and birth of healthy children. To introduce this, we monitor and constantly update our protocols for best results. In addition to good clinical outcomes and satisfaction of couples, the staff of the AVA Clinic strives to constantly improve by associating to their Finnish counterparts and watching and participating in scientific development through research and training continues.

AVA Clinic Mission

The AVA Clinic, Medical Care is a Portuguese medical center that performs examination or treatment of human infertility. The AVA Clinic offers all kinds of tests and treatments that allow an infertile couple achieve a pregnancy. The AVA Clinic Lisbon’s primary mission is the diagnosis and fast and efficient treatment of couples with infertility, to achieve pregnancies and healthy children.

AVA Clinic Vision

The AVA Clinic believes his success as a company and as a fertility clinic is based on the professionalism of a dynamic and motivated team. The whole team should contribute to a practical and personalized approach to each couple and should result in a rapid intervention, using the most effective methods and which, the couple’s point of view, the most cost-effective. The AVA Clinic knows that the success of the couples is the success of AVA Clinic and its professionals. Through quality services and with good results, improve their self-esteem and affirms the value of the AVA Clinic in the panorama of infertility in Portugal. How originated in Finland, AVA Clinic should reflect Scandinavian values that bring added value and exhibit a differentiation in relation to their Portuguese competitors, such as a quick, competent and efficient performance. The AVA Clinic in Lisbon aims to be the reference fertility clinic in the South and one of the most representative of Portugal.

AVA Clinic quality policy and commitment

The AVA Clinic is committed to implement a system to ensure the provision of quality services to its customers, as well as developing mechanisms for monitoring and constant improvement. The AVA Clinic has adopted and maintains a quality management system that meets international standards. The AVA Clinic is committed to respect and implement all legal and regulatory requirements governing its activity. The purpose of the AVA Clinic to achieve its purpose is to optimize the technical conditions for increasing the success rates of treatments, patient satisfaction and thereby, increase your reputation in Portugal. For that they should your employees always have an attitude and action that represents the image of the AVA Clinic in their professional activities, scientific events and to the media.

  • The AVA Clinic should encourage the interrelationship of the various working groups to increase the level of professionalism and improve the quality of services provided.
  • The AVA Clinic must implement a quality system to ensure better functioning of the service, facilitate identification of areas to improve and prepare the Clinic for all Portuguese and European legal requirements that may be implemented.
  • The AVA Clinic is committed to promoting learning processes and training of its professionals and to introduce new treatment methods that are safe for patients.
  • The AVA Clinic is committed to develop mechanisms to supervise their goals and implement solutions to problems.
  • The AVA Clinic undertakes to inform its partners and suppliers of its objectives and to establish and maintain a quality service network that allow optimal service excellence, continuous feedback and improvement thereof.

The ultimate goal of implementing and maintaining the quality system is to offer customers the best service possible, increase the level of quality of its employees and to establish an integrated quality network with all suppliers. The continuous improvement of this system is the goal and responsibility of all.