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Our Center

AVA Clinic is a fertility center specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of problems related to human fertility. Our center has opened in Lisbon in the year 2000, following the treatment methods of Scandinavian countries, where it had its origin.

Our team consists of doctors and embryologists specially trained in medicine playback, allowing them a quick approach to the problems, an efficient response and to obtain excellent results in the different treatments. AVA Clinic has doctors recognized by the Medical Association with the subspecialty of Reproductive Medicine and has biologists with the degree of Clinical Embryologist, awarded by ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embriology).
In Portugal, our center was the first one to establish a regular program of egg donation. Currently AVA Clinic remains a reference location to perform successfully both sperm, egg and embryo donation treatments.
On a European level AVA Clinic is also a reference in the Assisted Reproduction Technology area. The microinjection technique (ICSI), which revolutionized the treatment of male infertility, was performed for the first time in Scandinavia at the AVA Clinic Tampere, Finland.
Our centers annually perform more than 4000 treatments in vitro fertilization (IVF) and microinjection (ICSI), in addition to a large number of other treatments such as ovulation inductions, artificial insemination, egg donation and frozen embryo transfers. In difficult situations, our center can provide specialized laboratory techniques like for instance: prolonged blastocyst culture, sperm selection with PICSI technique for ICSI, or the use of Assisted Hatching.
Research and collaboration between all AVA group units leads to the rapid introduction of new techniques that enable the AVA Clinic to remain at the forefront with regard to the treatment of infertility.


Great success rates

The good success rates AVA Clinic are based on the optimization and customization of treatments. After studying each couple the appropriate treatments are initiated immediately which improves the chances of pregnancy. ♦