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The reason for egg donation

Thousands of couples cannot have children for several reasons.
Some of them need healthy and young women to donate them their eggs. Without this gift they could never reach their dream of becoming parents!

You can be an egg donor at Ava Clinic

AVA Clinic was the first portuguese fertility centre to perform egg donation. We have a large experience in egg donation and our conduct is based on respect for all ethical and medical concepts.
If you are healthy, aged 18 to 33 and have no serious family diseases, then you can be an AVA Clinic Egg Donor.

  • All consultations and exams are free of charge
  • The egg donors are entitled a financial for any costs, commute expenses, and time spent with the donation process


How to get further information?

Dra. Ana Oliveira Pereira, AVA Clinic’s psychologist, has a large experience in egg donation in Portugal and can give you further information.

Schedule a conversation, free of compromise. Dial: +351 213 245 000 or send an e-mail to: info@avaclinic.pt | ana.pereira@avaclinic.pt



Give a new life a chance!

For further details dial:
Tel: +351 213 245 000
 or send your e-mail to info@avaclinic.pt

AVA Clinic’s egg donors rarely point out the financial reimbursement but rather refer that the act of donating brings them great personal satisfaction:
“Helping those who cannot bear children, giving them the opportunity to fulfill the dream of being a mother…I feel happy seeing this happening!”