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When to start the diagnostic tests to find out any infertility problems?

Most couples can get pregnant when trying for one year. Nevertheless, about 15 to 20% of couples do not achieve a pregnancy due to an infertility problem. Therefore, the study of infertility causes should start after one year of regular intercourse without using contraceptive methods. When a woman is aged over 37, and if there is any disturbance in the menstrual cycle or suspicion of any other problems, it is advised to do tests after trying for 6 months. Age is the most determining factor to obtain a pregnancy. Therefore investigation should start as soon as possible.
The early identification of infertility causes allows resorting in advance to the most suitable treatment. This enables better success rates.
In AVA Clinic tests may be performed without delay, providing a rapid assessment and an immediate beginning of the suitable treatments. There is no need to repeat tests done recently in credible laboratories or clinics.
It is important to acknowledge that, even though the tests results are normal, it does not mean that everything is well. Since the human reproduction process is a very complex one, unknown causes might exist which are not easily detected. Sometimes there are a few problems (concerning the man or the woman) that together might restrain the couple’s fecundation capacity (multiple causes). The couple’s medical history is the most important to determine infertility seriousness and the best time to start up a treatment.
Infertility is a very intimate problem affecting both man and woman. For this reason AVA Clinic’s team created a welcoming and personalized environment fit to each couple’s needs.